Where do you go to find your soul mate? How about at work!

A Yahoo .com survey found that 75% of us have dated a co-worker. And according to the Society for Human Resource Management, over half of office romances lead to marriage! Unfortunately, that means the other half of those romances ended with tears, embarrassment and sometimes even unemployment! But never fear, I have the rules for workplace wooing from the book "The Office Romance" by Dennis Powers.
#1: Wait 3 months after starting a job to ask a coworker out. When you're new, all eyes are on you. So keep your mind on your work. If you're still smitten after the 3 months are up, do the 'evening check-in'. That means swing by their cubicle for a chat on your way out the door. If it goes well, make it a habit. Then one night you can say, "Hey, let's get out of here and grab a bite." See, nice and casual.
#2: Don't bring your personal life to work. Whether you're quarreling or cuddling, leave it outside.
And a final tip when it comes to dating a coworker: If the relationship should go south, break-up on a Friday night.
That way you'll have the weekend to recover and you won't make a scene at the office.
If you'd like to go further, check out "The Office Romance" by Dennis Powers.

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