Think dating's tough? Think again! Finding your soul mate's never been easier--Here's the scoop from MSNBC .com

In colonial America, singles weren't looking for love. Women were after men that could make a living, and men wanted a wife that could bear children to help share the heavy workload of everyday life.
Fast forward to today - an age where singles can go online with a 'soul mate shopping list' and look for a spouse anywhere in the world--Love is something almost every single's looking for, and writing a good love email is probably more helpful than writing a love letter was a century ago.
And for singles that like a more personal approach, there's "speed dating." That's a chance to have a 5 to 10 minute date with up to 20 people in one night. Singles move from table to table along a preset schedule and exchange phone numbers if there's a click.
Not quite romantic enough for you? Well, if you'd rather find love the old-fashioned way, listen to this ad printed in an Arkansas newspaper in 1850. "Looking for any gal that got a bed, calico dress, coffee pot and skillet. Must know how to cut out britches, make a hunting shirt, and take care of children. Can have me till death do us part."
Maybe dating these days isn't so bad after all.

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