Ladies, Start Thinking Like a Man to Get More of What You Want

Ladies – you may need to start thinking like a man to get more of what you want. That’s the advice –from several psychologists interviewed by Woman’s World magazine. Here’s how it works.

  • Women need to stop multi-tasking. Yes, you’re good at it. But multi-tasking is bad for your brain. And men are lousy at it! That’s according to psychologist Dr. Marianne Legato. But studies show that constant juggling destroys focus, blunts creativity, and makes every task take longer. In one study, when people concentrated on doing one task at a time, they did TWICE the work! You’ll be more efficient if you concentrate on one thing until it’s finished, and then move on to the next.
  • The next reason women should start thinking like men: So they can relax. It’s a fact that men have more leisure time than women. For instance, a man who works full time and has at least one kid in the house spends, on average, about five hours a day doing nothing particularly productive. On the other hand, a woman with the same life has just three hours a day of leisure time. Why? Because women are programmed to be care-givers.  So they feel on-call 24/7. But that makes it difficult for women to relax – which is essential for stress relief. So ladies, delegate. Give the other people in your life some of your tasks and make relaxation a priority.
  • And the last reason for women to start thinking like men: To get what you want. Women often tiptoe around issues because they’ve been socialized to think that stating what they want makes them aggressive and pushy. But men have no trouble requesting what they deserve or saying what they mean. So if you have trouble tackling tough subject, couch things in a positive way.  Like, “I’d love it if you called when you’re going to be late.” Instead of “I hate it when you don’t call.” And women need to speak in short, direct sentences, like men do. It’s the best way to hold someone’s attention. So ask yourself – what are my main points? Then stick to them. You’re more likely to get what you want.  

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