Improve Your Mental State

Here are some tips to improve your mental state from the Stress Management and Counseling Center in New York City.
  • First, get rid of frustration by asking for things the right way. When you want something from your spouse   like, more quality time together   ask him, "Would you be willing to." That request is more likely to get a positive response. If you say, "You work too much", that puts him on the defensive. Instead try, "Would you be willing to take next Friday off so we can spend time together?"
  • Then if you're stuck in a rut, know this, it can affect your longevity. Researchers even found that to be true in rats. Rats that are afraid of doing new things, or being in new environments, produce more stress hormones and die younger. So instill some newness in your life. Take a walk instead of watching TV, or get takeout from a new restaurant. Even small changes can get you out of that rut. Then you can work your way up to bigger ones.
  • And to de-stress and calm your worries, try these two things: Number one - Water a plant. It's nurturing, and for 10 seconds, the world isn't about you. That can be a huge psychological relief and dealing with nature, even on that small scale, is proven to reduce stress. And de-stress tip #2: Find a breathtaking view. Now take a deep breath and a good, long look. You'll walk away from that view with a bigger perspective   which will make the 5,000 things on your to-do list seem less intimidating.

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