Guys   does this sound familiar?

You often feel uneasy, irritable and you have a vague sense of unhappiness, but you don't know why? Well, maybe all you need is a good cry.
Men are known for keeping a "stiff upper lip" and not letting our emotions show. Because for centuries, controlling our passions was a sign of masculinity--But according to BBC online, psychologists today say it's important for everyone, including MEN, to shed some tears every now and then.
Ron Bracey is a clinical psychologist and Managing Director of Urban Psychologist .com. And he says unfortunately, a lot of men know more about how a car works than their own emotions. We usually bottle things up and live with our problems longer than we need to. This of course causes stress, which can lead to that vague sense of unhappiness. But giving our emotions a good workout can help. And Bracey says crying is especially important because it releases stress hormones.
But a lot of men still think of it as a sign of vulnerability. They worry about what other people will think if they break down. That it'll lower their status or esteem.
Bracey says this isn't a real concern. In fact, he believes that crying is more socially acceptable now than it has ever been, and men shouldn't be afraid to show their emotions.
As an example, Bracey points out the firemen who broke down after rescuing people from the Twin Towers on September 11th. He says they were courageous, but real people with real feelings. And in order to deal with the stress they were under, they had to let go of a few tears.
So guys   go ahead and have a good cry! You'll be a lot healthier if you do.

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