Everybody has that one flame they can never forget.

But whether you'd just like that good-looking stranger to remember you long enough to ask for a first date. Or you want to ensure that you're burned forever into the brain of your current love, we've uncovered the secrets of leaving a lasting impression.
These come to us from the author, Miles Kruland who wrote, "How to be Unforgettable."
  • First, find your signature scent. Scientists say that our sense of smell plays an important role in the mating game. It's primal   it subconsciously says something about your chemical make-up and compatibility. So, be it your perfume, aftershave, or just your daily soap, lock on to one scent and stay with it. So when your loved one smells it, no matter where they are, they'll think of you.
  • Teach them a few new tricks. Use your own expertise and show them how to do something they don't know. Like how to pick out a good red wine, or strum a power chord on an electric guitar. Not only will they appreciate picking up a new skill, they'll remember who taught it to them every time they use it.
  • Also, be a first   the first person they jumped out of an airplane with   or the first person they saw a baseball game with. You never forget the first time you do something really cool.
  • And finally, celebrate your own uniqueness. Go ahead and brag about your parallel parking skills, knowledge of useless trivia, or your extensive collection of 17th century sewing thimbles.
But here's the bottom line: You need to think you're worth remembering if you want someone else to.

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