Yes, men and women are different! Here’s who has the upper hand when it comes to happiness, monogamy, and the ability to l

This comes from Women’s Health magazine:

First, who’s better at staying happy? Men. Studies show that women are twice as likely to be depressed as men. Psychologists say that since women are more emotional by nature, and tuned in to other people’s feelings, they get more upset by problems and tragedies. But you can reduce your odds of becoming clinically depressed: Don’t spread yourself so thin that you feel overwhelmed. That’s one of the biggest factors, because it can spiral into a sense of helplessness.

Then, who’s more likely to have an affair, a man or a woman? It’s a draw. So, don’t believe the illusion that your love’s so rock solid that it doesn’t need to be protected. Be defensive! Don’t take each other for granted. And if you’re tempted, know this: Between an initial attraction and being unfaithful, you’ve got millions of chances to consider the consequences. So before you put yourself in a vulnerable position, imagine what your spouse would think.

Finally, who’s the better listener? The answer is: Women. When it comes to listening, men fall short. Why? According to psychologist David Geary, men use only one hemisphere of their brains when they’re listening, while women use both. Which means men get distracted more easily and don’t absorb what they’re hearing. So, here’s how to make sure a man will listen:

  • Announce that you’ve got something important to say. That’ll get a man to focus on your words.
  • Keep it short.
  • Sit next to him. A direct stare feels subconsciously like a challenge.
  • And if it’s an emotional issue, talk while you’re driving or walking. Men often have an easier time communicating when they’re doing something else.

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