Want to Be the Perfect Date?

Guys – want to be the perfect date? No problem – there are five key areas in which you’ll be judged: Humor, looks, hygiene, planning, and attitude. Want to pass with flying colors? Here’s how, according to Rodale publishing.

  • Humor: In a survey of over 200,000 women, having a sense of humor was ranked as the #1 most desirable trait. That doesn't mean telling the one about the guy who went into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. It means being able to laugh at yourself! It's the ability to smile after a stressful day. That shows a woman you can handle the difficulties that life throws your way.
  • Looks: Don’t worry if Brad Pitt isn’t your doppelganger. White teeth and clean shoes will go a long way to impressing a lady. In fact, 90% of women say they don’t want to share a first kiss with a guy with yellow stained teeth. So get yourself some white strips! As far as shoes – 60% of women think that if you show up in crummy, dirty shoes – you can’t take care of yourself.
  • Hygiene: 73% of women will write you off as a disgusting bum if your nails look bad. In fact, according to the survey, good grooming and dressing well are more important than a handsome face, a buff bod, or height. So even if you’re a mechanic, scrub your nails and hands. Also, if you eat three eggs a week, your nails will be stronger thanks to the biotin.
  • Women also want a man with a plan! 97% of women say “just winging” the evening isn’t romantic. A woman is looking at how you plan the date as an indication of your dependability and your interest in her. But guys tend to drop the ball after picking a restaurant. So scout out places for phase two: a dessert place or a cool club with a killer jukebox.
  • Attitude: If your drive over to the restaurant has you hurling insults at fellow drivers – 90% of women say the first date will be the last. Women equate how you handle traffic with how you’ll treat them when adversity strikes. So stay cool, calm, and collected.  

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