OK guys   so there's this great gal you work with and you'd like to get to know her BETTER. What do you do?

Clinical psychologist Belisa Vranich offers the following tips on how to turn your office crush into an after-wok date. We found them in Men's Fitness magazine.
First: Practice! Men underestimate the importance of social interactions. They'll practice their golf swing or work out at the gym, but they're often clueless when it comes to women--So Vranich says you should approach girls you aren't interested in dating and strike up a conversation. This'll help you build the confidence you need to talk to the woman you really want to date. Next: Listen to your female friends. Girls like to help their guy friends get a date. So you should ask your female friends for advice about your appearance. They'll definitely tell you if your glasses are totally outdated and you need new ones, or if contacts might be a better look for you. A quickie makeover could be all you need to catch the eye of your secret crush. And one last tip for asking out that great gal you work with: Channel your inner James Bond.
Vranich says nothing's guaranteed to impress a girl like simply being classy and gentlemanly. If you're going to lunch at the same time, hold the door for her, or the elevator. Or offer to get her a cup of coffee on your way to the break room. These little gestures will make you stand out. And when the time comes to ask her out, you'll have a leg-up.

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