Listen to Your Mother's Dating Advice

Once again, science has proven your mother right! Here are 3 things she told you about dating AND the facts to back her up. This is from Psychology Today:

  • Speak up and don’t mumble. In one study, hearing clear voices that were obviously masculine or feminine made people rate others as more attractive.  
  • Worry about your reputation. A team of European researchers found that people believe what they hear about others - even when it contradicts what they see. So, if you get the reputation of being a serial dater, you won’t attract people who want to settle down.
  • Stand up straight. Mom was right on the money here. Good posture and a genuine smile are crucial elements of attraction. John Neffinger is a consultant who specializes in nonverbal behavior. He says that our brains notice facial expressions and posture first, and things like looks and style second. As an added bonus, research shows that good posture enhances energy and mood, which means you’ll be more open to meeting new people.      


Bottom line? You don’t need fancy clothes or the perfect haircut to be attractive. Just stand up straight, smile, and watch your reputation. Oh, and don’t forget, Mom’s right about eating vegetables and cleaning your room, too.

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