How Did You Meet Your Significant Other?

If you’ve been together for more than 20 years, the answer is probably through family, friends, work or church. According to USA Today, if you’ve been together for less than that, it’s more likely that you met each other online. According to a new survey by Stanford University, among people who met in the last two years, one third say they met their significant other on the Internet. We’re not just talking about dating websites here. More and more people are meeting on social networking and gaming websites, like Facebook and World of Warcraft – and becoming friends, dates and spouses in real life.

However, one thing really surprised researchers. They assumed that most of the couples who connected online would be twenty-somethings, but it was more common for people over 30 to find love on the Internet. Why? Because young people have a lot of face-to-face access with people their own age, but if you’re out of school, it’s harder to find a partner. Even couples that like the same things and go to the same places end up finding each other online, like one couple in Danville, California. They were both avid skiers and golfers who lived near each other, and even practiced at the same driving range – but they never crossed paths. They connected through, and ended up getting married.

Even dating coach Evan Marc Katz says he encourages clients to go online to improve their odds of meeting someone. After all – even if you went out every night, the chance of finding the right person is pretty slim. However, when you go out and about in cyberspace, you can meet dozens of potential mates in an hour, without ever leaving home. In fact, online meetings are getting more and more frequent, because as couples begin explaining how they met, more of their friends and relatives are deciding to give it a try. So, if you’re thinking about dating – boot up your computer and get cracking. You never know who might be one click of your mouse away.

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