Do You Want to Get Married for the Right Reasons?

People are getting married later in life. In fact, the average age for a woman is 28 years old. That’s one of the reasons people are having fewer kids.  Because when you get married later, you have a smaller window in which to conceive. So, ladies – how can you tell whether you’re in love. Or whether you’re rushing to get married because your biological clock is ticking. loudly! Here’s a little True-False quiz to help you out, courtesy of psychiatrist Dr. Catherine Birndorf. We found this in Self magazine:

  • He makes you feel like a million bucks. If you said True, excellent. In a strong union, both partners are at their best in each other’s company. If you can’t tell, ask a few friends if the man in your life brings out the best qualities in you – or not.
  • You savor your time apart. If you said yes, you do relish your solitude with the same gusto as you savor your moments together – that’s a sign of a healthy relationship. Dr. Birndorf says that couples should mesh well together, without being joined at the hip. Bottom line: the stronger your sense of self, the more you’ll bring to your relationship.             
  • You see a future together even if there’s no family in it. In other words, would you want to marry him even if you never had children or adopted kids together? If you said yes, you regard him as more than merely the future father of your children.  You also see him as a partner and friend. And that’s a good indication that your love is healthy and genuine.

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