Would You Hire A Manny?

Parents: Would you hire a “manny” to watch your kids?

That’s the term people are using for the growing number of men doing nanny work these days. In fact, with so many guys struggling to find full-time jobs, the number of men applying for child care work has jumped 20% percent!

Experts say a lot of the men signing up for “manny” work are Dads who’ve had experience raising kids of their own. However, others are like Brian Donovan, a guy we read about who was fired from his sales job last summer. He says his only experience working with kids was coaching a boy’s soccer team, but he enjoys “manny” work because the flexible hours fit into his busy schedule training to become an EMT.

As you might guess, not all parents are in a rush to hire a “manny.” That’s because the majority of babysitters in North America are female and many people still think of child care as, quote: a “woman’s job.”

So, why should you consider hiring a guy to take care of your kids? Johanna Flattery is an executive with Care.com, a site that pairs caregivers with potential employers. She says the number one reason some single moms choose a “manny” is because they know men can “keep up” with their boys and be a strong male role model for them. Plus, she says kids don’t care if their nanny is a man or a woman! Want to go further? You can find men looking for manny work at Care.com or Nannies4Hire.com.

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