Women have been wondering this since the dawn of time...

'How can I get my husband to do what I want him to without nagging him?' Well, your Uncle Teshy has the answer. Well, actually Uncle Teshy got the answer from the book "I Only Say This Because I Love You" written by Dr. Deborah Tannen. Dr. Tannen is an expert in family psychology and here's what she suggests:
If you bug your husband to do something, he'll probably rebel to prove he's not henpecked. Instead find a comfort zone, where you can make suggestions without nagging. To find the comfort zone, learn to read his signals. If you ask him to do something like going to the doctor and he says, 'yeah, okay.' That's his cue that he has heard you, he's not wild about it, but he'll do it. Back off and don't mention it again.
If he says, 'yeah, that's a good idea.' Then you've scored a victory, you have found his comfort zone.
If you need him to help out more around the house   find the chores that he's good at   fixing things, or yard work   he'll be more willing.
If he hates doing certain things but you need his help anyway, tell him, 'here's what has to get done, which of these do you want to do.' At least he'll feel like he has a choice.
Same goes if you want your husband to make changes, like improving his wardrobe. Pick out 4 shirts you like and give him the option. And here's a list of the habits you'll have the easiest time changing:
  1. Wardrobe
  2. Willingness to go to the doctor
  3. Grooming
And the husband habit that's the hardest to change:
His exercise regimen. Good luck.

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