What's the ultimate luxury?

It's not having a fancy car, a Rolex, or a 5 bedroom house. It's having free time! Because what good is the fancy car if the only place you're driving it to is work and the 5 bedroom house is no fun if all you do is spend time cleaning it.

What a lot of us are experiencing lately is something called "time poverty"--We read about it in Rodale Publishing and it's caused by our ever-increasing responsibilities. The symptoms? Sleep deprivation, lack of energy, and chronic irritability. You know you're time impoverished if your work demands are so overwhelming that you ignore your wife, are physically present by mentally absent from your kids, and have no social life beyond your family.

Barbara Moses, PhD and author of the book What Next? Taking Control Of Your Working Life says we've become addicted to being busy. When we're complaining about how busy we are, we're actually bragging! If we're busy, it makes us feel important   and we look important, too.

So what's the fix? Well, you'll probably never find the perfect balance between life and work, but you can make things better. Dr. Moses says we need to be more realistic. Will your company really fall apart if you take an extra day or two off? Probably not. We also need to stop scheduling our lives so tightly. Kids today have 50% less free time. When they're not in school, they're spending less time with Mom and Dad and more time doing hyper-organized activities.

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