Sugary Drinks Turn Young Children Into Overweight Teens

Parents, before you give your child another sugary drink, consider this: A recent Penn State study found that what children drank in kindergarten had a direct effect on how much they weighed in high school. Here are the facts from Reuter’s news service.  

Researchers tracked the different types of beverages a group of girls consumed between the ages of five and 15. They also measured their height, weight, and body fat. The results? There was no connection between weight gain and drinking milk or 100% fruit juice, but girls who drank two or more sweetened drinks a day - such as sodas and sport drinks - had higher percentages of body fat and were more than twice as likely to be overweight. Although the study stopped when the girls turned 15, the findings are significant. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, being heavy in your teens dramatically increases your chances of obesity, diabetes and heart disease as an adult. So, parents, when your kids are thirsty, stick with reduced-fat milk, pure fruit juices, and water.

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