Parents--This is for you.

We all strive to be Supermoms and Superdads who help our kids whenever they're in need - whether it's homework, problems with a friend, or picking the best after school sport--Well, I have in my hand some tips on how you can become a Super-parent - no cape required! We found these in Woman's World Magazine. First: Dress them in blue. Researchers found that both adults and kids are more likely to approach someone wearing blue than any other color! Why? Because studies show that looking at blue lowers both our heart rate and our blood pressure, making us feel calm--So, if you're nervous about your child making friends on the first day of school, put them in a blue sweater or t-shirt--This will help them make friends in no time!
Next: Get them in with a crowd! A recent study by the University of Michigan found that children involved in their church, synagogue, or a youth group had higher self-esteem than those who weren't--Why? Child psychologist Dr. Pamela Long says that after school groups are accepting of all children, and aren't concerned with who's the smartest or the fastest. This means kids can feel good no matter who they are.
And the final way you can be a super-parent: Ask your kids for their opinion. Family psychologist Karen Auld says that asking a child for their opinion can help motivate them to work harder--So, the next time your kids complain about homework or after-school chores, ask "What do you think?" or "What would make this easier for you?" This boosts their ego, and helps switch their brain from 'problem mode' to 'problem solving mode.' And both of these things will help your kid make better decisions in the long run.

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