Parenting Rules That Will Keep The Whole Family Happy

We’re gonna help you with three parenting rules that’ll keep the whole family happy. Moms, these work for you as well. We found these tips in Rodale Publishing.

  • First, make a rule of no crying or, no crying for more than 20 seconds! No matter what age your kids are, you can stop most crying by redirecting their attention. Statistics show that a kid’s attention span is about three minutes for every year of their life. So, your 5-year-old daughter’s attention span will be about 15 minutes. So, if she trips and falls while playing hide-n-seek, try this: Ask her to vacuum the hallway. This will distract her from the temporary sting of the pain, and within 15 minutes, she’ll forget it ever happened.  
  • Next, tackle the daily chores as a team. Research shows that getting your kids involved in household activities helps them feel more connected to the family. Why? Studies show it gives your kids a feeling of belonging. So, when you’re doing laundry, have them help you fold. Make it fun by turning it into a game. For example, see how many pairs of socks can be stacked on Fluffy before she gets up and moves.
  • And the last parenting rule: Don’t spend more than 15 minutes in the supermarket. Most kids think of the grocery store as a giant gimme-fest. Why? Manufacturers spend over $2 billion dollars a year in advertising aimed at kids and the average child can recognize 100 different brand logos by the time they’re three years old! So, before you leave for the supermarket, make a shopping list with your kids and give them copies. Kids need jobs – their job at the market is to find the items on the list. Kids want to feel helpful and important.  
A recent study of nearly 4,000 families by the University of California at Riverside found that kids who regularly do chores with their dads are more likely to get along with their peers and have more friends. Why? Because family chores teach them teamwork and social responsibility. But kids learn best by example. So do the chores together!

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