Okay, you think you've found Mr. or Mrs. Right, but you have a few lingering doubts.

That's normal. So how do you know if you've met your soul mate? Corey Donaldson, author of "Don't You Dare Get Married Until You Read This!" thinks you should ask questions. Lots and lots of questions.
Donaldson is an Australian who exchanged letters with his long-distance love for three years before they met face-to-face. Without the pressures put on their relationship by being physically close, the pair had time to discover a powerful method to improve their relationship. They wrote lengthy letters which asked, and answered some relationship-rattling questions. Donaldson's book has more than 400 such questions. Here are the eight he thinks are especially important:
  • Question #1: If we eliminated physical attraction from our relationship, what would sustain us?
  • Question #2: What makes you feel important?
  • The third question to ask before you pop the BIG question: What is and what is not 'cheating'?
  • Question #4: In what ways are we different?
  • Here's a tough one: When do you feel divorce is appropriate?
  • Another important question to ask before you tie the knot: When do you need space away from me?
  • Question #7: How will we decide what money is mine, what's yours, and what's ours?
And the most important question to ask before getting married: Generally speaking, when your mom and dad have an argument, who's right? And why? This will help you figure out whether they have any biases about gender roles in a marriage.
If you want to go further, the book is called "Don't You Dare Get Married Until You Read This!"

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