Nine In 10 People Will Marry

But one half of all those first marriages will end in divorce. That statistic comes from the U.S. Census Bureau.

And if you think you're relationship might be headed that way, here are the 5 signs your relationship is in trouble. These come from psychologist Lori Kuriman. See if any of these ring true:
#1. You find yourself looking back on past romances and wondering "what if."
#2. You sometimes find yourself "tuning out" your spouse. You stop listening to them, as if by ignoring them they'll go away.
#3. You argue about minor things, ignoring the big issues that are actually the source of the problem.
#4. Whenever you have contact with your spouse, you pick a fight to distance yourself from them emotionally.

And the final sign your relationship is in trouble: You feel best when you're alone and look forward to being apart from your spouse.
If 3 or more of those signs sound familiar, you've identified that there's a problem. Now's the time to see a counselor before your relationship becomes a statistic with the Census Bureau.

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