Never Underestimate the Power of Positive Thinking!

Never underestimate the power of positive thinking! As corny as it may seem, when you're optimistic, you give off a vibe that makes others feel more positive. But unfortunately, the opposite is also true. When we have negative thoughts, we give off a negative energy that not only brings us down, but can deflate the mood of a whole group.
So, here are some tips that'll help keep you, and those around you, on an emotional high-note. We got these from the Bottom Line Personal.
  • First: Identify what brings you down. This has probably happened to you: You wake up bright-eyed and rarin' to go, but by mid-afternoon, you're in a terrible mood. So what gives? Chances are you picked up on someone else's negative energy. Maybe you stood in line with an anxious customer at the post office, or had a conversation with someone who was feeling depressed. Whatever happened, remind yourself that it wasn't your problem, and then let it go
  • Next: Separate your parents' energy from your own. Some people carry around energy their whole lives that belongs to their parents. They might come to think of it as their own, but it really isn't. For example, parents who are fearful and nervous tend to raise kids who are fearful and nervous, so figure out what your parents' energy is like and compare that to your own. This'll help you separate what belongs to you, and what you're needlessly carrying around.
  • Another way to stay positive: Avoid judgments. When we judge someone, we create negative energy that affects our mood. So try to avoid it. If someone's expressing political beliefs different from your own, say "That's and interesting point of view", and move on.
  • And finally: Apologize. Few things can change the energy of a relationship faster than an apology. So if you want to stay positive, made amends for your mistakes. Otherwise you'll just get in a bad mood every time you think of the person you're feuding with.
Follow these tips and you just might make the world a better place!

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