Laughter is the Best Medicine.

It gets rid of stress, relaxes muscles, calms anger and anxiety, and reduces the stress hormones flooding your system. Also, laughing at your own troubles makes you a more powerful, positive person. But there are some things you should never laugh about when it comes to men, no matter how hilarious you think they are. Here are some guidelines on what not to say, from Dr. Judith Sills, author of "The Comfort Trap: or, What If You're Riding a Dead Horse?"
  • First, don't make jokes about his weight. No matter how cleverly you compare his potbelly to your pregnancy, cracking jokes about his weight gain won't make you more loveable to him.
  • Then, not every guy hates to lose his hair   but very few men find bald jokes funny.
  • What else should you never tease your honey about? Professional failures. No matter how successful he is today, even long-ago failures still hurt. Use this is a good rule of thumb--If he can joke about it, you can, too. Otherwise, tease him about something else.
  • And the final topic you should never tease your hubby about is--His mother. Everyone's relationship with their mother brings up conflicting feelings. And while he may be able to make jokes about the woman who put him on the planet, joking about her yourself is totally off limits.
If you'd like more information about healthy relationships, the book is "The Comfort Trap: or, What If You're Riding a Dead Horse?" by Dr. Judith Sills.

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