Keep Your Kids Healthy By Checking Three Body Parts on a Regular Basis

Keeping your kids healthy is a top priority. You take them to the doctor for regular checkups, but what about the day to day maintenance? That’s where Mom and Dad come in! Here are the three body parts you need to check on a regular basis to be sure your kids stay healthy and active, courtesy of Children’s Health Magazine!

  • First: check their head. Every year about 12 million kids under the age of 11 are infected with lice. So every month, or when there’s an outbreak at their school, check to see if your child is itching around the ears, neck or on the crown of their head. If they are, then you probably already know what to do. After all, it hasn’t changed since you were a kid. Comb through their hair to get rid of the eggs, and then wash their hair an anti-lice shampoo like Nix or Rid.
  • Second: the teeth. Checking your child’s teeth and mouth regularly will ward off serious oral problems like Gingivitis. Their gums should be a healthy pink color and their teeth should be shiny and white. It’s especially important to check kids under five, because according to the Centers for Disease Control, tooth decay is on the rise for this age group. Why? Because of sugary drinks put in sippy cups. The sippy cup keeps the sugar and acid in contact with the teeth.
  • The third body part to check to make sure your kid stays healthy is their skin. Kids are playing outside a lot and can get bitten by ticks. These bugs live all over North America and carry Lyme disease, a bacterial infection that causes fever, chills and temporary paralysis. If you catch Lyme disease early you can treat it with antibiotics, but the effects can last for years. To be on the safe side, check your child’s skin, including the scalp and toes, anytime they’ve been playing outside. If they get bitten, don’t scrape the bug out with your fingers. That can leave body parts behind, and if the tick is infected, it raises your risk of Lyme disease. Instead, sterilize tweezers in rubbing alcohol, firmly grab the head of the tick and pull it out. 

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