Here’s something interesting: Moms with kids and jobs are healthier, happier and thinner than other women.

That’s the latest finding from Web MD.

Researchers studied 12-hundred women who’ve been part of a national health study in Britain since birth. And by age 54, women who had been wives and mothers, and had a long work history were thinner, and significantly less likely to be in poor health than other women.

Next on the healthiest, happiest, and thinnest list are women without children, followed by single mothers.

And at the bottom of the heap: stay-at-home moms. They tended to gain weight more quickly than other mothers, were 50 percent more likely to be obese than working moms, and had a higher rate of depression.

Also, working moms with kids under age 6 were as unhealthy as stay-at-home moms. Partly because of the stress of caring for kids who aren’t old enough to care for themselves, and partly from a lack of sleep. But once the youngest kid passed the 6-year mark, the mother’s health improved rapidly.

The scientists aren’t 100% sure why working moms are healthier, thinner and happier than other mothers. But their theory is that being a bigger part of society – both inside and outside the house - is important for health and happiness.

And studies show that people with a stronger social network have healthier immune systems and it’s a key ingredient for happiness.

So, what about the weight issue? Scientists think that working moms are thinner because they naturally get more exercise in their day-to-day life than stay-at-home moms who often have to hang around home base for long blocks of time.

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