Bring Your Family Closer Together.

If you want to bring your family closer together, here are some great suggestions we got from our friends at Real Simple magazine.

  • Tour the world. Adopt a holiday from another country and honor it with an all-out celebration. For example, prepare a massive traditional Chinese feast for Chinese New Year, or eat crepes and watch classic French films on Bastille day.
  • Have the “early bird” special. Change the evening meal routine by serving breakfast for dinner on Friday nights. Have everyone wear pajamas to the table for the full effect, and then watch cartoons afterwards. You can rent them at the video store.
  • Celebrate opposite day. Set aside one day a month for doing something your family wouldn’t normally do, like going to an opera if your kids are video-game junkies, or attending a major sporting event if yours is a family of bookworms or theatre buffs.
  • Stage a camp in. Spread out sleeping bags in the living room, light a fire in the fireplace, cook up some s’mores and tell ghost stories by flashlight!            
    You’ll have all the fun of a real camping trip, and you’ll still get to take a hot shower in the morning.

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