Improve Your Diet

It’s time to improve your diet! Here is a list of 3 foods that sound healthy and really aren’t, and 3 foods that get a bad rap – but are healthier than you think. This comes from MSN:

  • The first healthy-sounding food: Diet soda. It may seem like the perfect way to save calories and cut your sugar intake, but diet soda drinkers are 11% more likely to be overweight than regular soda drinkers. Why? Diet soda boost cravings, causing you to eat more sweets. They also trick you into thinking it’s okay to eat high calorie foods because you “saved” by choosing diet soda.
  • The spinach wrap: It looks green and good for you, but spinach wraps are usually made with white flour, food coloring, and a dash of spinach powder. Each wrap contains 105 more calories than one cup of cooked spinach, virtually no vitamins, and are often wrapped around unhealthy fillings, like fried chicken and ranch dressing!
  • One final healthy-sounding food: Vitamin water. Yes, it has vitamins, but with about 200 calories per bottle, drinking just one a day can cause a 20 pound weight gain in one year.


Now that we’ve dissected healthy-sounding foods, let’s examine those that are healthier than you think:

  • Dried fruit: It’s basically fresh fruit with the water removed and it’s low in calories, and packed with fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. Buy only no-sugar-added dried fruit, and eat golf-ball-size portions to control calories.
  • Another healthy food that gets a bad rap: Frozen vegetables. A recent study found that the amount of vitamin C in fresh broccoli drops more than half within 7 days. However, it only drops 10 percent a few months after it’s frozen. In fact, levels of certain antioxidants and minerals actually increase after freezing. Just look for veggies with no additives, preservatives, or sauces.
  • A final food that gets a bad rap: Bananas. Yes, they contain more carbs and more calories than watery fruits, like melons, but they also contain NO fat, cholesterol, or sodium, are high in vitamins and fiber, and contain only 60 calories per half-cup, which is less than a small apple.

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