Bacon Is the New Dessert Trend

So the dessert cart rolls around – and you have your choice between cheesecake, crème brule, and bacon. It’s the hot new dessert trend! Suddenly, menus everywhere have deemed bacon an acceptable crossover. We read about this in Time magazine. The landmark Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky does a bacon baklava. A cupcake shop in Chicago sells three types of bacon flavored cupcakes. The new, trendy restaurant called “Animal” in Los Angeles serves a bacon chocolate crunch bar, and at New York City restaurant Dovetail, they whip up bacon bread pudding.

The bacon for dessert trend isn’t just for fancy restaurants. Over the summer you could find chocolate covered bacon at the Minnesota State Fair – or watch bacon get dipped in chocolate on the Food Network. New York chef Jerome Chang says bacon works as a dessert food because people are already used to combining it with a sweet flavor – like maple syrup at breakfast. Time magazine says the trend first started in 2006 at what’s considered the best restaurant in the world – the Fat Duck restaurant in England. There, the head chef created bacon and egg ice cream. Later that year, two contestants whipped up bacon ice cream on the TV show Top Chef. The real introduction into the mass-market happened two summers ago when a gourmet candy website debuted Mo’s Bacon Bar – which they describe as “smoked applewood bacon flirting with deep milk chocolate.” That same candy bar is sold in 200 stores.

Culinary experts say bacon works as a dessert for the same reason peanut butter works with chocolate – or sea salt works with caramel. Salt brings out the depth of flavor in sweet foods.

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