You may be able to get a tax deduction from the IRS for losing weight!

Here's some good news from Uncle Sam - But according to the Associated Press, it has to be a drastic, expensive action under a doctor's orders. So don't go writing off your hardback copy of the South Beach Diet just yet.
The IRS is allowing deductions for stomach stapling surgery, approved weight-loss drugs and nutritional counseling. They have to be done under a doctor's orders and for extreme obesity only--A spokeswoman for Weight Watchers International says this is a positive trend that recognizes the need to reward people for getting in shape.
The new deduction came about when obesity was classified as a disease in 2002. Since it's a major medical problem, expenses to try to take care of it can be deducted if itemized.
It's something to look into if you qualify as obese, which is generally at least 30 pounds over your ideal weight.
And remember: Don't try to deduct expenses for joining a weight loss program simply to improve your appearance and general health--Unless you want the IRS to come knockin' at your door.

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