Would you like to add 12 years to your life? All you have to do is boost your mood!

Would you like to add 12 years to your life? All you have to do is boost your mood!
According to the latest research, just being happy dramatically cuts your risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and obesity. Because happy people produce less of the stress hormones that make your organs age faster. But don't freak if you're not usually a happy camper. It's a lot easier to be happy than you think. Here's how to boost your mood   and your health   courtesy of Woman's World magazine:
  • First, switch off the TV. British researchers found that watching TV news for as little as 15 minutes makes people feel stressed, anxious, and blue. But with a newspaper, you can pick and choose, or skip straight to the sports and entertainment. And if you do read distressing items, it's much less upsetting to look at a still photo than watch a video.
  • Another way to boost your mood and your health: Help someone out. Researchers at Georgetown University found that any good deed boosts your sense of well-being, decreases sadness and anxiety, and makes you feel significantly happier. So, make dinner for sick friend, or donate a few books to the library.
  • Also, have fun with friends. Studies show it helps 3 out of 4 women feel happier on a day-to-day basis. A better record than even the most powerful antidepressants.
  • Finally, on those really stressed-out days, when you're not feeling particularly grateful about anything   fake a smile! A lot of studies show that smiling for 10 seconds   even when it's completely phony   really boosts your brain's production of feel-good chemicals.
So smile, hang out with your homies, turn off the TV and help someone out. You'll be in a better mood in no time.

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