Would you like a "faster, quicker" workout?

Good news - according to the American Council on Exercise, the latest fitness trends are trying to eliminate the excuse of not having enough time to exercise. Here are their predictions for the top fitness trends for 2004:
  • Fitness routines will respond to the needs of busy Americans by using available tools such as chairs, stairs, and walls instead of weight machines. And more places like "Curves" will open. So you can get a complete, foolproof, 30 minute workout. Like fast-food fitness.
  • Mind and body programs will be integrated. Clubs will offer more Pilates and yoga classes along with traditional programs.
  • More companies and health care providers will start paying for your gym membership. It'll cost them less to pay for you to get fit than treat you for the problems that accompany obesity.
Some more fitness trends on the horizon:
  • More fitness clubs will offer pay-as-you-go pricing. You won't have to sign your life away with a long-term contract.
  • Weight loss and nutrition will get back to basics. More people will get off extreme diets and turn to regular exercise and sensible eating.
  • There'll be more focus on exercise for seniors as preventive care to fight osteoporosis and reduce the risk of injury. These programs will focus on balance, stability, and strength training.
And the final fitness trend for the 2004: Simple programs to get inactive people moving will become more important. Cities will have more walking programs and communities will add sidewalks, parks, and walking trails to make it easier and more fun to be physically active-- Now you know!

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