What Do You Eat, Drink, And Even Breath?

What you eat, drink, and even breath can have an immediate effect on your body. Check out how your body reacts to just one of the following:
  • One Glass of wine: Will immediately raise your level of HDL cholesterol  that's the good kind   by up to 20%. It also lowers LDL cholesterol   that's the bad kind, and reduces blood clotting.
  • Here's what one Double cheeseburger will do: It raises your risk of angina and inflames your arteries, according to a study done out of Columbia Hospital in New York. Even five hours later, your heart is at risk, especially if you physically exert yourself.
  • After smoking just one cigarette, your heart rate rises by 7 to 12 beats a minute and your blood pressure goes up. And if you've kicked the habit, just one cigarette can get you started smoking again.
And finally on the good side... Just one 30 minute walk will immediately lower your blood pressure and triglycerides, that's the type of fat that increases heart disease. And you'll burn off the equivalent of one brownie!

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