Want to eat better, get healthy and lose weight?

According to the health experts at Marie Claire magazine, the best way to do that is to get yourself a food coach.
So, what's a food coach? Someone who analyzes the emotions behind your eating habits, goes grocery shopping with you, and tosses out all the bad stuff in your refrigerator and pantry. They believe that by changing what you eat, you'll succeed better in life, and maybe lose weight, too.
But not everyone can afford a food coach. And someone like Gillian McKeith, nutritionist and food coach to the stars, has a two-year waiting list. So, here are some of her tips to try on your own:
  • Eat fruit first, because it takes so little time to digest. Otherwise, it sits on top of the other food and causes fermentation.
  • Don't eat the same thing every day. It might upset your stomach and slow down your digestion, because you might run low on the enzymes that help break down your food. So, eat things with lots of enzymes, like raw vegetables, sprouted seeds and whole grains.
  • If you want to lose weight, she recommends giving up coffee and tea. They exhaust your adrenal gland, which affects your metabolism and can lead to weight gain--But that contradicts what we've heard about coffee speeding up your metabolism.
  • Another tip from the food coach is, don't drink while you eat. She recommends drinking 25 minutes before you chow down. Because your stomach needs to be lubricated, not flooded.
  • And finally, be realistic. Try to eat healthy 70% of the time. If you go for 100%, you'll fail, and lose your motivation.
If you'd like to go further, food coach Gillian McKeith has a book out. It's called "Living Food for Health: 12 Natural Superfoods to Transform Your Health."

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