Treat Sleep Apnea and Back Pain With These Crazy Cures.

You don’t need a doctor to fix everything! Here are 3 common ailments and 3 crazy cures that actually work! We found these in Men’s Health magazine:

  • Treat sleep apnea with a didgeridoo. Yes, the wooden wind instrument played by aborigines in Australia! A study published in the British Medical Journal evaluated people with sleep apnea, a condition caused by flabby throat muscles that restricts breathing while you’re asleep. After 4 months of lessons, didgeridoo-ers were 3-and-a-half times less sleepy during the day. They snored a lot less, too. The reason? Playing that instrument strengthens tissues in the mouth and throat, making them less likely to collapse and cut off airflow during sleep. If you’d like a beginner-friendly didgeridoo, check out the website at LA Outback .com.
  • Beat back-pain with music. Researchers found that people with lower back problems who listened to music for one hour a day were in 20% less pain after just one week. And it didn’t matter whether it was heavy metal or classical. Researchers believe music delivers a one-two punch: it distracts your brain from the pain, and helps your muscles relax. To make it work for you, don’t just flick on the radio and leave your relief to chance. People in the study who picked their own tunes got a lot more pain relief than people listening to music that other people picked.
  • Text messages can help you quit smoking! Researchers in New Zealand compared two groups of smokers who were trying to quit. Those who got daily quit-smoking tips and “you can do it” messages were twice as likely to kick the habit. If you’d like to try it, check out the website Back Pack It .com. You can write your own motivational text messages and have them sent randomly, or at specific days and times. And ask your friends to send you encouragement. Then, save the messages you like, and pull them up whenever you feel the craving to light up.

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