Think Before You Drink.

Here’s some intelligence about alcohol. You need to think before you drink! We found this information in Self magazine:

  • A lot of people assume that an occasional night of serious partying is better than having a drink every day. The sober truth is: any time you drink too much, you have a 1 in 10 chance of being injured or killed. And people who drink heavily on occasion eat a more unhealthy diet than people who have one drink a day.
  • Beware of mixing hard liquor with a diet drink – like a rum and diet Coke. A lot of women do it, because they think it’s better for their waistline. But diet mixers make alcohol get into your system faster. Research from the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia shows that cocktails made with diet drinks hit your bloodstream as quickly as a straight shot of liquor. Meaning you get drunk faster. But mixers that contain sugar – like regular soda – slow the alcohol absorption into your bloodstream.
  • Another risky combo: energy drinks and vodka. That’s a popular combo with younger drinkers – like Red Bull and vodka.  But a recent study found that high levels of caffeine and taurine – an amino acid stimulant found in energy drinks – means you won’t feel the effects of alcohol as much. That means: You’ll think you can safely have another drink – but you’re actually much more intoxicated than you may realize.

Bottom line: most people need at least two hours per drink, if not more, to sober up. Do not drink and drive. More alcohol-related fatal accidents happen between midnight and 2am on a Saturday night, when people are leaving bars and clubs, than any other time. So, drink responsibly! The rule of thumb is this: If you have to ask yourself if you’re too drunk to drive, you are.

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