Your Desk Job Could Shorten Your Life!

Your desk job is a death sentence. Studies are finding that the more you sit, the more likely you are to get heart disease, even if you eat right and exercise. Sitting is an independent risk factor. 

Our bodies were never meant to sit for eight hours every day. And scientists are only just now realizing how damaging our lifestyle has become. One study found that it doesnít matter what you weigh, or how much you exercise outside of the office, if youíre sitting down for most of the day youíre 54 percent MORE LIKELY to have a heart attack than people donít sit for work. And even if sitting doesnít kill you, it will make you less healthy. 

A study from the Journal of Applied Physiology found that moving less increases your diabetes risk. And experts say sitting also affect your hips, spine, and shoulders. Basically, head to toe, inside and out, sitting is a silent killer. 

The fix here is actually pretty simple. You just have to move more, and not at the gym. The cure for too much sitting isnít more exercise. Itís about being ďactive,Ē and thereís a difference between being active and exercising. Exercise is something you may do for half an hour a day. Being active is generally moving more, standing or walking more. 

A prime example would be the Amish. They donít go jogging to stay healthy, theyíre active, doing farm work, chores and walking. 

Thereís a gene in the body that causes heart disease, but it doesnít respond to exercise, no matter how hard or often you work out. But it gets more powerful the longer you sit around. The only cure is consistent activity, so the solution is to be more active - it adds up to better health. 



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