Surely it doesn't come as a surprise to you that we are a bunch of stressed-out people.

Things are moving so fast, we hardly have time to catch our breath! Well, the Ladies Home Journal has spent a year studying how stress is affecting families. Here are some of their results:

The National Women's Health Resource Center conducted an online survey last year, and more than 90 percent of the people questioned responded that they felt they had moderate to high levels of stress in their life every single day. Respondents cited many things that caused stress, including excessive multi-tasking, the rising cost of living, worrying about aging parents, health concerns, and technological over-stimulation.

What grinds us down the most? "Lack of time" is the number one culprit. Seventy-five percent of people asked said they felt on-the-job stress was worse now than a generation ago. And more than half of us say we need help managing work-place stress. And it's not just adults that are affected: A study done by the University of Michigan found that since 1970, there's been a dramatic rise in "overscheduling" of our children's time. Kids between the age of three and twelve have lost an average of 50 percent of their unstructured free time. And an increasing number of families are finding less time to eat dinner together regularly.

What do all these statistics mean? We need to get a grip on our stress, and fast. If you think stress is adversely affecting your family, maybe it's time to talk to a counselor about it. And educate yourself: the first installment of the Ladies Home Journal's comprehensive stress study can be found at

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