Spring is here! Which means it's allergy season, and you could be having a sneeze-fest right now.

So, here's how to allergy-proof your home, courtesy of Ladies Home Journal:

  • First, clear the air. Keep the windows closed during pollen season. Don't use fans, because they stir up the dust. And if you have an air-conditioner, change the filters regularly. And cover the vents with cheesecloth to catch the dust and pollen.
  • Then, don't bring pollen inside. Change your clothes as soon as you get home. And shower before bed, so you don't transfer clingy pollen to your sheets.
  • Another way to make your home less allergenic is: Do away with dust. Vacuum twice a week. And dust regularly, with a damp cloth.
  • And deal with dust mites and mold. Warm, moist air encourages both. So, use a dehumidifier in your bedroom, and get the humidity level below 50 percent. Also, wash your sheets once a week in water hotter than 130 degrees. Or put them in a hot dryer. And don't dry your sheets outside, where they'll collect more allergens.
  • And the final 3 things that can make you less allergic to your house: Bathe your pets often, and don't let them in your bedroom. Don't keep too many indoor plants, because soil encourages mold growth. And store your firewood outside.
After all, your home should be a sneeze-free castle!

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