Prevent Your Coffee From Causing Decay

A latte a day could send you straight to the dentistís chair. Thatís the upshot of a new survey that found as fancy coffee drinks have become more popular, thereís been a big jump in adult tooth decay.

So, whatís so bad about a latte? Experts say itís not the drink thatís causing cavities. All coffee drinks are packed with acid, which eats away at your tooth enamel. The difference is that a lot of people quickly down a coffee. On the flip side, a lot of latte drinkers take hours to finish, savoring every sip through a tiny hole in the drinkís lid, just like a toddler uses a sippy cup. That means our teeth are exposed to the sugar and acids more directly and over a longer period of time, which eats away at tooth enamel.

And thatís exactly why dentists everywhere are fighting to recognize lattes as a sugary snack, like a candy bar.

But latte lovers, that doesnít mean you have to give up your coffee habit. Instead, the key is to acid-proof your teeth. How? Dentists recommend drinking water after every sip of a latte to help wash away the acid.

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