Parents, you can start sleeping better.

I've got some good news to share about our kids.
According to a HUGE U.S. government study conducted by 20 federal departments and agencies, our kids are growing up happy, healthy, and smart.
Teen birthrates are at record lows   teen crime rates are plummeting   and kids are swearing off cigarettes. In fact, the smoking rate for high school seniors is the lowest it's been in 29 years!
More kids are staying in school too   with 87% of our youth now earning high school diplomas.
As far as their health is concerned, 83% of kids under 18 are considered to be in good or excellent health. And our children's lives are starting out healthier too   with more kids getting vaccinated for hepatitis and chicken pox than ever before.
So why are all these good things happening? One reason might be that, contrary to what we've heard, more parents are staying married.
Which means our kids have more stable home lives. 68% of children live with both of their parents. And while that might seem like a low percentage, it's really not.
That figure has stayed steady for the last 10 years which means the sky-rocketing divorce rate has finally been arrested.
So it's good news all around   and it's about time.

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