Know the Facts When it Comes to Your Health.

There are all kinds of health myths going around, and that’s an area where you really want to make sure you separate fact from fiction. Dr. Daniel F. McCarter is a professor of clinical family medicine at the University of Virginia Medical Center. And he says knowing the facts can make a world of difference to your physical well-being. So, here’s the truth behind the myths:

  • Eating too much sugar can cause diabetes. The truth is that eating sugary foods won’t cause healthy people to develop diabetes. But eating too much of anything high in calories and fat can lead to gaining weight, which is a major risk factor for diabetes. So go easy on the fast food, soda, and donuts.
  • You’re more likely to survive a car crash if you don’t wear a safety belt. That’s dangerously WRONG. The odds of survival are MUCH higher if you’ve got a seat belt on. It’s far better to be restrained than to be thrown out of the car in a crash. Even in a fender bender, wearing a safety belt can help prevent injuries.
  • Eating high-cholesterol foods is the main cause of high cholesterol. Not true. It’s more important to cut down on the trans fat and saturated fat that you find in foods like beef, fried foods and butter.
  • Migraines are “all in your head.” It’s true that mental stress can trigger a migraine headache, but migraines are a very real physical condition that impairs the lives of millions of people. If you suffer from migraines, ask your doctor about prevention and remedies. There - now you’ve got the facts you need.

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