I have some scientifically proven little tricks that can help you live longer, boost your energy, and make you look and feel yea

These come from "The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Looking and Feeling Younger"

  • First, drink the right amount of soda. The average woman drinks 2 cans of soda a day. And according to Harvard researchers, that’s one too many for anyone who wants to maintain their agility and appearance. Because the phosphoric acid that makes sodas fizz makes your bones brittle and weak. In fact, if you drink those 2 cans of soda a day, you triple your risk of osteoporosis.
  • Next, surprise yourself! Invite a new friend for coffee, take up golf, or just buy a new type of cereal. Any of those simple actions will immediately make you feel years younger. That’s the word from the Mayo Clinic. Because when people say they feel old and tired, what they’re really saying is they feel bored, lonely or sad. The cure, break your routine. Doing something different and unexpected stimulates your brain’s pleasure center making you feel joyful.
  • One last longevity trick: Wear your socks to bed. Renowned sleep experts at the Swiss Sleep Clinic say putting on socks provides extra warmth to your feet. That improves your circulation, and amazingly, is the surest way to ready the body for deep sleep. And when you sleep deeply, your growth hormone kicks in – repairing your body and replenishing your energy. You will look more refreshed and live longer.

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