Here’s Some Intelligence for Your Safety.

How to handle some common yet dangerous situations. We found these tips in Woman’s World magazine.

  • There’s a mean-looking dog in your path. Don’t run away flailing your arms. Experts at the Humane Society say that could provokes the dog’s chasing instinct. Instead, hold your ground, but don’t eyeball the dog. Dogs consider eye contact to be a confrontation. Then, keep your hands at your side, and slowly back away. If the dog keeps coming, give it whatever you have – a purse, your backpack, or a shopping bag. Odds are it’ll be distracted by the new object while you walk away or call for help. And remember, a wagging tail doesn’t always mean a dog’s friendly. If their ears are also flat and laid back, their tail is held high, their lip is curled, or their body looks tense, stay away!
  • A pan catches fire in your kitchen. Don’t automatically reach for the fire extinguisher. One high-pressure blast of foam can flip a burning pan over, and spread the fire around your kitchen. The Home Safety Council says to grab a pair of oven mitts, and slide a lid on the pan to cut off the oxygen.   
    Then, turn off the burner, and don’t touch anything until the pan’s cool. If that doesn’t stop the flames, then grab your fire extinguisher. But you might want to visit your local fire department and try one out first. It takes practice to use a fire extinguisher properly.
  • You feel uncomfortably squeezed in a crowd, like on the subway. Don’t go in the same direction everyone else does. According to crowd-control expert, Larry B. Perkins, in countries where people drive on the right side of the road, people tend to drift right. So, move to the left to get a little more space. And stay on your feet! The real danger in a crowd is getting knocked down. If you do fall, jump right up again, and keep your legs moving – it’ll help create more personal space and give you room to breathe. To exit the crowd, move diagonally toward the door.

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