Do you want your kids to stay healthy during the holidays?

Then trot out some family rituals. They help banish stress, and cut the risk of everything from colds to chronic diseases.
Researchers at Syracuse University found that kids who share a holiday meal with loved ones are less anxious, perform better in school, have fewer respiratory infections, and get better faster if they do get sick.
And if you'd like to boost your kid's immunity even further, have them help out with the holiday baking. Let them stir the batter for your special Christmas cake, or let them frost a batch of sugar cookies any way they like. Cooking with your kids creates a sense of belonging and bonding, which protects them from the immunity-robbing properties of stress. But baking is especially super for kids. Because the aromas have been proven to trigger feelings of safety and security. Especially the smells of cinnamon, vanilla and fresh-baked bread.
And years later, when your kids get a whiff of those same aromas, it'll trigger those feelings of comfort and security all over again.

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