Do you need to infuse some energy into your life?

Don't we all? Rodale Publishing has a great new list of things that you can do to boost your energy to an all-time high. What do the experts say?

  • If you work the swing shift, turn on the lamp at your desk to increase alertness. Or if you work regular daylight hours, open the blinds and let the sun stream in. You need the vitamin D from sunlight to keep your energy at its peak. Best part of it: it's free.
  • Instead of reaching for a candy bar when that 4pm energy slump hits you over the head, hit the road and walk around the block. Physical activity re-oxygenates your blood, and peps you up naturally.
  • Say No To the Nightcap. Alcohol prevents you from getting a full night of REM sleep, the deepest and most restful state of sleep. Without sleep, your energy level is bound to plummet.
  • Another reason for that listless feeling may be your blood pressure. Get it checked. Up to 60 percent of men between 18 and 39 have high blood pressure, a prime source of chronic fatigue.
  • Another energy booster   rock on! A report in the "Online Journal of Sports Psychology" says that loud music is a very effective tool to relieve stress and fatigue.
  • And lastly, Wet Is Wonderful... Ditch the caffeine, and splash your face with cold water if you need a boost. A study in the "Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology" reports that a quick splash of water does more to wake you up that a cup of joe.

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