Do you have a short attention span? Then I've got a quick tip for you: Exercise might be your key to better concentration.

According to Prevention magazine, about 7 million adults struggle with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder   also known as ADHD. And they have trouble staying focused, finishing projects, or even sitting in one place for very long.
Researchers at the Academic College of Tel Aviv studied adults with ADHD--And they found that people who got 30 minutes of exercise twice a week   like jogging or riding a bicycle   were much better able to concentrate.
In fact, regular exercisers said their brains were 30 percent calmer and quieter, they had fewer anxious or unwanted thoughts, and were much less likely to be impulsive. But why does exercise help? Researchers found that people with ADHD have fewer of the brain chemicals that help you concentrate. And exercise helps replace them.
But even if you don't have ADHD, exercise can help you concentrate. Because it boosts oxygen levels in your brain, allowing you to be calmer, more efficient, and definitely more productive.

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