Do people refer to you as a drama queen? We’ll, they just might be on to something

In Dr. Phil’s book "Life Strategies", he looks at the various ways people handle the world around them. And he says if the following statements ring true, you, my friend, are a drama queen, or king:

None of your life events are ordinary. Even getting mail could send you over the edge.

Every sickness you have is the worst the doctor has ever seen.

You have to be the center of attention 24/7.

You thrive on crisis – at work, at home and with your friends.

More signs that you’re a drama queen or king:

Every comment made to you is either the sweetest, warmest thing you’ve ever heard or the rudest, most vicious attack imaginable.

People respond to you with lots of smiles, nods and sometimes – even eye rolls.

And finally, Dr. Phil says you’re a drama queen if you wear your history on your sleeve. If everyone knows every boyfriend, job or illness you’ve ever had, you need to chill out. Save the drama for your mama and give your friends and coworkers a break.

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