Are you trying to get fit?

Well, man's best friend just might turn out to be man's best workout buddy. A recent study found that humans shed more pounds when they exercise with their hounds, rather than alone. But not all dogs are up for the task   sorry Chihuahua owners.

So, here's a guide for which dogs are best for some of your favorite activities. We got this from Health magazine.
Activity #1: Running. Labradoodles   a cross between a Labrador and a poodle   are best because with their long, lean bodies, they have no trouble keeping pace. They're also hyper-aware of their surroundings and fascinated by changes in scenery, so they won't get bored.
Activity #2: Walking. Collies are great walking companions. Since they're herding dogs, they respond well to a slow, steady pace and won't overexert themselves on long walks.
Next: If you enjoy playing Frisbee, get an Australian Shepherd to help you out. They're agile, alert, quick, and can jump high. Or if playing ball games is more your speed, grab a Jack Russell terrier. They're high-energy dogs that thrive on tasks like retrieving balls.

And one last dog-human activity that'll whip you into shape: Hiking. English and Irish setters are best for this. They're all-terrain hunting breeds with lean physiques for endurance. And they also have smooth coats which make it easy to comb out twigs and burrs they might pick up on the trails.

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