Are You Stressed Out?

If you don’t have a blood pressure monitor handy, here are a few ways to tell that it’s time for you to SLOW DOWN.

  • You’re forgetful. Dr. Michael Babyak, an associate professor of Medical Psychology at the Duke University Medical Center, says when you’re under stress, brain functions that aren’t directly related to your survival – like remembering where you put your keys – kind of go out the window.
  • You’re a little smelly. When you’re nervous, some sweat glands secrete a fatty oil along with the usual water and salt. This makes you smell worse than when you’re just hot or working out.
  • You’re clumsy. Bringing preoccupied can bring out the klutz in you – making you more likely to fall or drop things.
  • You’re irritable. Babyak says getting testy is a natural protection – a way to push the sources of stress away. In social situations, it unfortunately backfires and you wind up coming off as rude.

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