When are the best times to make some of your pricier purchases?

We all try to be 'bargain hunters' when it comes to big ticket items like cars and televisions. But figuring out when to buy these things can get confusing and frustrating. So, here are the best times to make some of your pricier purchases, courtesy of Money Magazine

  • First: When should you buy a hybrid car? Not only do hybrid cars save you money on gas, they also get you a tax refund of over three thousand dollars! However, if you want that refund, you need to buy the car this winter. Why? Because there's a huge waiting list for hybrid cars. And experts say you'll need to have possession of the car by September 2006 if you want the refund to be applied to your 2006 taxes. So, buy the car this winter to make sure you'll get the car in time.
  • Next: When should you buy an SUV? In this case, you should wait until spring before making the purchase. Why? Because sky high gas prices are causing SUV sales to slump. So, experts predict car companies will start offering major discounts around springtime.
  • Another pricey purchase: When should you buy a television? Wait until next fall.
    Lots of television companies plan on coming out with new high-definition televisions in the springtime. And since so many companies will be selling fancy TV sets, they'll start lowering prices in order to compete for buyers. Experts predict that by next fall, a TV that costs twenty-eight hundred dollars now will only cost two thousand dollars.
  • And the final pricey purchase: When should you buy a new video game console? Just like the televisions, there will be tons of new video game consoles on the market   including Sony's PlayStation 3   by springtime. And all this competition will drive down prices. So, wait until next fall if you want the best deal.

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