Lose Weight As a Family

How’d you like to lose weight on your next family vacation and even get your health insurance to pay for part of it? Then you might want to consider family weight loss camp! According to Newsweek magazine, most family camps offer fun activities, healthy meals, and weight loss counseling. Experts say that parents and kids who make a commitment to lose weight together are more likely to stick with it once they get home. Also, depending on your insurance, part of it might even be covered. Here are a few examples:

  • The Pritikin Family Program in Florida has a two-week camp for parents and kids. Activities include hiking, biking, and tennis, plus group therapy, medical checkups, and cooking lessons. It’s a bit pricey - $6,500 for adults, and $2,500 for kids.
  • There’s also the Wellspring family program in North Carolina. The 1-week program includes waterskiing, canoeing, and crafts. Plus nutritional counseling and behavior modification to help campers realize when they’re eating for emotional reasons, like they’re sad or angry.
  • Many outpatient programs offer similar services for less money. For example, Weight Watchers Family. Prices and programs vary, but in Tampa, Florida, families pay $100 for 10 hour-long sessions with a weight coach. Parents learn how to shop for healthy food and become better role models for their children. Of course, the quickest route to weight loss may be a sleep-away weight loss camp.

There are things kids and adults can do at home:

  • Drink only healthy beverages. Like low-fat milk or water – no supersize sodas.
  • Eat breakfast every day, because it jump-starts your metabolism - and makes you less likely to binge later.
  • Watch only one hour of TV per day - max. If you want more, you have to hop on a treadmill while you watch.
  • Finally, a good nights’ sleep is crucial. Studies show that people who sleep five hours a night are 32% more likely to gain weight and 15% more likely to be obese than those who get at least seven hours.

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